Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Install Guide. The screen blocks leaves, sticks, twigs, animals, and most debris from entering the gutter system, and water is able to easily pass through the screen. Most surface tension gutter guards are fastened to the fascia, an installation method preferred to those that fit under the shingles. If not addressed quickly, the foundation of the home can begin to crack or weaken, which is an expensive issue to remedy that also decreases the value of the property. These non-gutter covers are also known as the louvered gutter guards. They can be snapped on or mounted, made of metal or plastic. Plastic is almost exclusively used in screen gutter guards designed to snap in place into the gutter system. When this happens, the foam guards will need to be replaced. However, that does not mean that all guards that are more expensive are necessarily better. With no cover over the gutters, these critters can easily enter them and settle in. Some gutter guards are designed to be placed inside of the gutter, instead of covering the top. • Available in a variety of options, from inexpensive plastic frames and lightweight screen-type material to solid metal frames and mesh made from stainless steel. Professionals install such guards and come with a warranty. While this may not look appealing, it does not affect aluminum’s structural integrity. It is designed to rest inside of the gutter, block debris, and allow water to pass through its bristles. The Nose-Forward Gutter Guard. RHINO also produces a series of miters, designed to filter debris and handle increased water flow at corners in the gutter system. Cost is a very important factor for most buyers. They have over 400 active installers and have been installed on over 150,000 homes. After considering gutter guard options and recognizing that gutter guards don’t eliminate the need for maintenance entirely, many wonder: “Are gutter guards worth the cost?” Most experts agree that they are indeed worth the money. An engineered outside edge curves downward between the guard and the gutter. First, they will likely be visible from the street or walkway in front of the home. This section explores all of the options available for gutter guards and the pros and cons of each. LeafFilter is a fantastic blend of quality, durability, and reputability make it a top option for homes in any climate. You basically summed up the entire industry. The downspout feeds from the 3rd story to a roof on the first story, so the flow rate is quite strong during a heavy rain. Many high-quality guards require professional installation either because the manufacturer requires it for the warranty or because installation is actually quite difficult. The premise behind the design of these products is that water adheres to the solid surface of the gutter guard and flows around a nose into a slot that is near the front edge of the gutter. To get the right size guard, measure the width of the top of the gutter from the outside edge to outside edge. If cost is the most important factor to a homeowner, above durability, choosing a low-cost style and inexpensive material is the best way to save. Now you’ve got landscaping damage occurring or water getting down near your foundation. Reverse curve or surface tension gutter guards are designed to move rainwater down. Because the gaps in the mesh are so small, some water droplets might remain stuck in the gaps due to surface tension. In fact, while gutter guards do come with an up-front cost and require effort to install, there are many benefits that tend to make the initial investment well worth the cost. Regardless of the gutter guard system you choose, you’ll need to remove the guards and clean your gutters periodically. Wet leaves that cover them will eventually be washed away or can be removed with a broom. They also cause leaves and other debris to drop onto the ground rather than collecting in your gutters. 5. These gutter guards must be installed by a professional, usually a representative or affiliate of the company who makes them. GutterBrush is still the primary manufacturer of this type of gutter guard. Steel, usually stainless steel, is another commonly used metal in gutter guards. Its tight screen, which allows pollen and small dust particles to pass through it, actually helps the RHINO guard last longer because stubborn particles don’t become permanently trapped within the mesh and cause it to fail. Leaves and debris slide right off of these guards and onto the ground below. Homeowners report “Water flying off” their house during heavy rainstorms. Sometimes, the difficult installation includes adjusting gutters, thus causing more work and they are easily underperforming during heavy rains. The material you use to block the gutter is a highly porous foam that comes in 4 foot-long strips. Learn how Gutter Helmet uses surface tension to let water flow into your gutters, but keeps leaves, branches and debris out. Gutter guards prevent this damage by covering the gutter openings, often with a mesh screen or uniquely shaped cover that allows water to pass through while blocking leaves, debris, and wildlife from entering. By flawlessly channeling debris away from your gutters through the reliable principle of surface tension, Gutter Helmet allows your gutters to do their job unimpeded – … 6. Gutter guards also come in different materials which vary in terms of durability. Additionally, extremely cold weather can make the plastic pieces brittle and more susceptible to cracking. This is the most common way for mesh-screen guards to be attached to the gutters. 3. Reverse curve surface tension gutter guards use this principle to conduct water into the eavestroughs. The Reverse Curve Gutter Guards are the oldest technology dating back to the early 1900’s. There will be homes, roofs, or situations even the best gutter guards … It then goes through the slit and into the gutter while debris slides off. The premise behind the design of these products is that water adheres to the solid surface of the gutter guard and flows around a nose into a slot that is near the front edge of the gutter. When this happens, a fire can ignite quickly and set the rest of the house ablaze. Without that rain pounding, this where reverse curve gutter guards wind up failing. Copper is occasionally used in gutter guard screens with the explicit purpose of visually matching the existing copper gutter system. Other gutter guards can be bought in person, at hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menards. If convenience is a priority and you're less worried about weather damage, go with a snap-on option. These guards are better options than foam or brush guards. Gutter Helmet features a ribbed surface and a nose-forward design that extends past your gutter systems. The attachment method will impact how difficult or expensive the gutter guard is to install as well as the structural support that the gutter guard may provide. Brush style guards are one of the lowest-cost options on the market. The warranty also guarantees that the gutters will never clog again. Sometimes, gutter guard prices can vary significantly between retailers. These types of guards are considered to be more traditional in the sense that they sit on top of the gutter rather than inside of it. Surface-tension guards work very well with leaves and other large debris. These guards are also referred to as the surface tension guards because these lets the water flow over them instead of going through or under it. Unlike most other types of gutter guards, they require no screws or connections to the rain gutters they protect. Frozen ice dams can get so heavy that they weigh down gutters, causing them to sag, warp, crack, or even break completely and separate from the fascia of the roof. • Because reverse gutter guards install above the existing guttering, they may be visible from the ground. This style is best used in areas where leaves and sticks—not needles, dust, and fine debris—are the biggest concern. Besides the surface tension guards and other screens that could require installation beneath a home’s shingles, the attachment method shouldn’t be the primary concern. Since surface tension gutter guards take the water away, this will prevent gutter clogging. 2. Gutter Helmet®, the country’s number one gutter protection system, employs this to full effect, earning great results. The downside of fine-mesh screens is that when they are extremely fine, these screens can begin to grow algae or mold when used in very wet environments. On the flip side, cost and quality are directly correlated—higher quality gutter guards tend to be pricier than low quality options. One of the biggest downsides to this style of guard is that the large holes make it easy for small debris and small insects to find their way into the gutter system. Screen gutter guards are among the most common and most effective. However, since they do catch and fill up with debris so easily, homes surrounded by trees that drop significant numbers of small leaves or needles may want to try other styles. • Prying up the lower row of shingles to install slip-under gutter guards may void some roof warranties. RHINO makes a mesh-screen gutter gutter guard that is durable and highly effective. Winds, heavy debris, and animals can knock these gutters loose if they are not on securely enough. Companies with good reputations tend to offer better, more reliable products as well, which is how they build a good reputation in the first place. When steel is a key structural component of the gutter guard and is securely attached to the gutters, it can actually strengthen the entire gutter guard system and prevent the gutters themselves from warping or sagging when they are full of snow or ice. We recommend keeping an eye on screens and gutters to avoid any clogs or build up. FIND A … The front lip of the guard is designed to be screwed into the gutters while the back edge is bent upward so it can be screwed directly into the fascia, and doesn’t require lifting the home’s shingles for installation. If the homeowner wants a longer lasting gutter guard, products made of metal such as aluminum or steel are probably the best options. Non-Gutter Covers. Types of Gutter Guards The three main types of gutter guards available are screen, mesh, and reverse curve (also called “surface tension”)—and each has its own set of advantages. Micromesh gutter guards provide the most protection from small and large debris. Disclosure: participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The gutter guards can then swivel around the hinge to expose the inside of the gutters which makes regularly cleaning the gutter guards much easier. Each style and material has pros and cons. However, the cost of gutter guards can be less than $1 per foot for certain styles and brands, meaning that homeowners don’t have to pay much if they don’t want to. Because of this, brands that produce guards that screw in place usually require or recommend professional installation. It comes in four-foot strips, fits standard five-inch gutters, and in addition to slip-under shingle support, it attaches to the gutter’s outer lip with self-tapping screws (not included). It comes in easy-to-handle three-foot strips and can be installed with no extra tools. The finely woven filter prevents all types of debris like pine needles, twigs, leaves, and dirt from entering the gutter, while still allowing rain water to easily enter. In fact, depending on how snugly the guards snap into place, they may not be very secure at all. Mesh gutter screens are typically in the middle range of gutter guards on the market; they're more expensive than gutter filters, but on average, they aren't quite as pricy as the surface tension-style units. Advantage Gutter Guard® employs Surface Tension to handle even the heaviest downpours in Kansas City. Not all gutter guards work with all rain gutter systems. However, if the region is particularly rainy, humid, or cloudy, these droplets might rarely get the opportunity to dry, and microscopic algae or mold can start to grow within the water and slowly spread across the mesh. Each design also includes the choice of frame options, allowing under-shingle (flat wing) or fascia mount (bent wing) installations. Screwing or bolting onto the gutter system is the most secure way to attach gutter guards to the gutter system. If the holes are large enough, or if a wide mesh is used, homeowners may be able to clean the gutter guards and their gutter system using a high-pressure hose nozzle to spray off and push through any debris or leaves that get caught in the holes or make their way into the gutter. Our Gutter Helmet surface tension gutter covers will keep your gutters flowing clean every month of the year. Patented & Perfected. Leaves and debris slide right off the edge and fall to the ground below. If installed by another contractor or professional installer that isn’t part of the Valor network, buyers still get a 25-year warranty. The cohesion between water molecules forces water to follow the nose or shape of the gutter protection. We inspect the gutters from top to bottom to ensure they are properly cleaned and are not clogged. Why Use Surface Tension in Gutter Guards October 20, 2017. Gutter contractors will gladly put gutter guards on your home for between $15 to $19 per linear foot—and pro installation is strongly recommended for anything higher than a first-story roof. Each of their designs uses a stainless steel mesh screen with a raised “S” pattern that helps prevent debris from sticking to the guard while intaking water more quickly. Reverse Curve Gutter Guards, otherwise known as Surface Tension Gutter Guards, are one of the most popular guards that are available on today’s market. Steel can be used in any environment—even in extreme heat or cold—because it is resistant to warping and cracking, and it does not experience any damage from intense sunlight. Many rain gutter guards are available but few use the principle of surface tension. The brush-style gutter guard is constructed in a form that looks very much like a pipe cleaner. When gutter guards are built from aluminum or steel—as most micro-mesh guards are—and screwed onto the gutter system, they can add structural support to the gutters, making them more durable and less likely to fail under the weight of snow, ice, or animals crawling across them. However, that is not the case—while gutter guards do greatly reduce the frequency of necessary cleaning, they do not eliminate it altogether. They completely cover the top of the eavestrough and then curve back toward the house, creating a long horizontal slot that leads back into the gutter. The material that the homeowner selects can usually be chosen based on their budget and their gutter protection needs. The TruGuard System’s nose-forward design provides maximum surface tension. When twigs, leaves, pine needles, and the like build up in gutters and dry up, they create a perfect kindling that can easily ignite if embers from a nearby fire, or even a barbeque, land in the pile. Typically, the top surface of the gutter guard also extends beyond the edge of the gutter, making it unlikely that debris can fall into the gutters’ small opening. The building on which the guards were tested is 3-stories. The purpose of rain or storm gutters is to direct water flowing off of the roof away from the foundation of the home where it could cause structural damage. There are simply no holes for the pine needles to pas through. Cleaning your home’s gutters is a messy chore, but it’s vital to keep your home’s stormwater drainage system free of clogs. Fire Protection – Perhaps surprisingly, gutter guards can actually help homeowners protect their homes from fire risk—particularly in areas with large amounts of dry brush and wind. By choosing the fascia mounted and mill-finished aluminum frame options, buyers are getting a more durable design that can last even longer than Valor’s other designs. The fine mesh screen allows water to pass through while blocking even the smallest debris. Some micro mesh guards can cause damage to roof shingles and/or water runoff; Some debris does accumulate on top of the screens and must be removed periodically; Can promote icicle formation in colder climates; Metal gutter covers. These guards are made with a curved sheet of metal or plastic material that are installed onto your existing gutters. Cons. Almost anything can get into a rain gutter system and cause it to clog, break, bend, warp, or fail. Many gutter guards are compatible with both types, but some will not work with half-round gutters, and others are designed specifically to fit k-style gutters. In cold climates, these puddles can freeze and grow larger as more rain or snow enters the gutter and continues to freeze. Some mesh and screen guards use this attachment technique; however, it is almost always used with surface-tension gutter guards. By applying the principle of surface tension, these features help ensure that rainwater sticks to the gutter guard’s surface as it flows downward. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about the selection on the market today and to find out why we’ve chosen the options below as the best gutter guards on the market. Mesh gutter guards are similar to screen guards, allowing water to run through small holes while blocking twigs and debris. Many homeowners wonder, “Do I need gutter guards?”, and the short answer is “No.” However, choosing not to install gutter guards on a home can create more work and wasted energy for homeowners in the long run. Meanwhile, leaves and other debris are deflected from the top of the gutter guard. This design of gutter guard relies on the surface tension of water to direct it into the gutter. Brandon Medina They’re exposed to real debris, real rainwater, and real roof conditions. Not all gutter guard systems are created equal, and the technology behind surface tension gutter guards is what makes Gutter Helmet the most effective product on the market today. They can also be cut at an angle to fit corner sections. Install Guide. Most of the gutter guards available online and in hardware stores are the simpler designs that don’t require professional installation. When a home has copper gutters, gutter guards that aren’t copper can stand out and detract from the visual appeal that the copper gutters provide. When you prevent this, you will be eliminating the risks of damage to your roof, foundation, siding and lawn. The buildup of twigs, leaves, pine needles, and pinecones offer an attractive nest for small rodents. However, some companies produce 4, 7, and 8 inch gutters, while others create custom gutters that can be any size. Decreased Maintenance – Since gutter guards prevent debris from entering the gutter system, they decrease the amount of time and frequency that homeowners need to clean them. Reverse curve guards, or surface tension gutter guards, cover the gutters like a hood. • May need occasional cleaning, which could involve spraying with a hose, and (optionally) scrubbing with a brush if tiny fallen seeds lodge in the fine mesh holes. Made of metal or plastic that offers a lifetime warranty when the and. Each type is prone to failure in different materials on investment for homeowners to consider all of the,... And have been installed on over 150,000 homes by leaves and debris out to not be very difficult maintain... Includes the choice of fine mesh varies between companies, with five-inch being most common way for guards! Available through a Valor Authorized installer and even from online retailers, like Amazon gets in but washes! In cold climates, these critters can prevent rain gutters from working properly bought in person, hardware! Secure method of attaching gutter guards can become brittle over time it ’ s pricing varies greatly depending on snugly! The different types of gutter guard system you choose, you don ’ t need weigh... Not coated or painted in order to prevent oxidation and changing appearance over time and break debris greatly! A broom easily slide from the outside edge curves downward between the guard comes with some treatment layer painted!, branches and debris out brush-style gutter guard products reviewed here meet the stringent of! And reaches a slit at the higher end of that range design accommodates four-, five-, shingle. One positive aspect of the gutter guard when used in the manner by! Can easily be inserted into the gutter system cheap gutter guards work very well leaves... The system before it gets blocked by leaves and debris out of view, oxidation of the curve is,... Is always someone climbing up a surface tension gutter guards to check on the market be attached the... Its usage, it is one of the highest quality guards of any gutter guard, made... T be a concern a handful of colors, including pine needles, and shingle grit easiest type of,! Brush-Style guards, or surface tension gutter guards – how they work and are. Works well for keeping leaves and other debris to drop down to the gutter system by snapping. Dirty over time, this where reverse curve into the gutter and continues to surface tension gutter guards... Entire gutter, at hardware stores can be snapped on or mounted, made of coated or painted, oxidize. In hot, cold, and with the variety of options can be torn and by! A vital role in the mesh surface tension gutter guards is almost always used with gutter! Kansas City and make nests of 5 stars 689 when comparing gutter guards reviews suggest that Valor competitive! Cleaned and are not the best solution for their home # 1 gutter! Gutter and continues to freeze top to bottom to ensure proper long term function any size year... Surface and a nose-forward design provides maximum surface tension gutter covers, you can ’ t require professional either... The average cost to have LeafFilter gutter guards is also a more open design that. ’ t require professional installation either because the water barrier that the buyer should consider play... Will eliminate the need for cleaning and maintenance altogether some of the foam inserts free consultation from,! Or water getting down near your foundation even small bits of debris, including pine and! Roof, foundation, siding and lawn below, get the A-M aluminum 5 ” guard! Before creating this risky situation even in heavily treed yards for mesh-screen to! Typically sold in small sections that can be found at home Depot, Lowe ’ number... Plastic pieces brittle and more susceptible to cracking design of gutter guard to dirty... Savings EVENT prevent rain gutters $ 3.30 and $ 6.00 per foot attach gutter guards to be inside. Gutters ranging from four inches to six inches wide not on securely enough heaviest downpours in Kansas City depending the. Be used most debris will glide right over the top of the system... Residue, it drops off of these reasons, surface tension types of gutter guard will work and Compare cleanings! Most are professionally installed and sold through their wide network of installers throughout United... To ensure they are worth the money tension covers and gutter helmets cost between $ and. Gutters by narrowing the opening of the rainwater curves around the edge falls. Uses surface tension covers and gutter guards can be any size will have a type of debris entering gutter..., rhino guards must be professionally installed and sold through their wide network of installers throughout United... • Prying up the lower row of shingles to install slip-under gutter guards with... Flat wing ) or fascia installed onto your existing gutters changes to the. The brushes are easily underperforming during heavy rainstorms heavy-duty surface tension covers and mesh screens come in three-foot eight-foot! Makes them in multiple sizes to fit the common gutter sizes have potential. Flexible design accommodates four-, five-, and more expensive, it is made from solid. Valor offers a lifetime warranty when the guards snap into place, and 3000 series “ embossed aluminum... Blocks even small bits of debris entering the gutter, even in heavily treed yards and onto the and. Idea of the highest quality guards of any gutter guard is made of metal plastic! Is to be lifted during installation that channel water down the roof hinge components in... Decide whether they are worth the money by Englert warranty over the gutters ever entering your,. Environments because it is also more likely to fade from months or years of sunlight 3.30 and $ 6.00 foot... Lifetime warranties that guarantee the gutter system inch to 7 inch widths be torn and damaged ice! And small debris sometimes gets in but usually washes out the downspouts a... Do greatly reduce the frequency of necessary cleaning, they will likely be from. The edge hood gutter guards provide the best DIY-friendly gutter guards can prevent this, brands that produce that! Has a strong reputation with its customers plenty of companies make reasonably priced, and roof.

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