I bred this 4 Webber cock for three seasons and when the cock became sterile, due to age, I took him to Clay, and Clay told me to destroy the cock, which I could not do, and left him with Clay, and he destroyed the cock. He was known as “Cackling Sam”. From the time I was a very small boy I always had bantams, in spite of living in Birmingham, making numerous moves and other obstacles. Other people who have inbred their Docs have also found that they will occasionally throw a spangle. There has been no other blood put into the Sid Taylor since these crosses were made by Mr. Taylor-a period of over 40 years. The following account of their origin is “straight from the horse’s mouth”. I started out only trying to get a battle cross of 1/2 Radio 1/2 Wm McRae and after much experimenting found the right combination. Thye proved to be a real combination fighting cocks, efficient at any stage of battle, which their record shows. these gamefowl were still at the top of their game. The males come a light silver grey to a solid white, with hens the same color. During which time Duryea fought mains by the score and lost but one that one when his cocks took sick mike Kearney was Duryea feeder and caretaker,etc. Perry Gray, and used him over the gray I had, and that is when I began to get fowl that were red in color. I did not care to keep the blood to myself, always believing that something as good as this should be shared, mortality being a reality that confronts us all. I won all five fights and the best Pal a man ever had, my wonderful wife Opal. “What difference does it make?” he used to say. this particular Blueface weighed slightly over 4-08 pound. This all happened in the early 1952. As pit fighters they are very clever; fighting with hard They are one of the few straight (pure) breeds that can go head to head with the swarming Sweater. They also knew that from time to time some whites would appear in the strain after Aldrich bred from s ason of the Baltimore cock. The fighting style is that they want to make contact immediately. The cock called "The Daddy of Clarets" was the foundation cock of all Madigin-Deans Claret Fowl, be they red, white or grey in color. I won an occasional derby but was never a dangerous contender. Call or text (901-262-2338) for more information. Then in 1892 Dudley purchased a Denny Mahoney Gull cock. In color they came very few black-red, mostly brown-red with few gingers and a very few that came true Quill color. I then got from a Mr.John M.Vines of Jefferson Texas,a very old cocker,3 hens of his old inbred Cripple Tony family.These hens were dark fowl and legs.I bred the old original Roundhead to these hens. At that time they made up pots, I doubled every time to cover the pots. ( Log Out /  The Dr. Butler trio were shipped to Col A.P. they were black with brown spots on their breast. The first cross were strong, tough and desperately game. Many raised them especially for this purpose. I called him “the curlew” after one of them. In this country there where known as North Brittons and later known as Gilkerson Whitehackles. Most of the cocks were Yankee Clippers that Bobby Schlesigner of Charolottesville, Virginia, had obtained from E.W. In the begining of the year 1883, Wingate took some of his cocks and went down to New Orleans where a cocking tournament was held in the first week of Febuary, and challenged all comers to fight him in 1 1/4 heels. Law started these Yankee Clippers by crossing his Clarets with Dan O’Connell’s Albany fowl. A blue-red an 2 time winner in great comp. I might say that the Bair brown-red stock came from around this way: Bair bought from Shelton back in 1913 or 1914 a roundhead cock that eventually won seven fights. Concerning the Madigin fowl and perhaps even Madigin himself no two people seem to be in complete agreement. If you are losing your butt now, it’s not my fault because I told the world through Gameocck in 1988, that Leroy Deloney’s fowl were for sale and that thye would win anywhere and that even meant his Blue Roundhead cross. The Baltimore burnt eye cock. Now as to the color of the old pure Chappell Doms. Gunter wrote Shelton for that setting of eggs & Shelton wrote Gunter, when the eggs were shipped that there was a small “ash” of blood in the yard that the eggs came from, that he was not “yet ready to divulge”. fighters because they have only one direction--forward for the kill, win The greenhorn (who the readers have probably guessed, was Michael Kearney) had nothing so light and was in despair, when he met a man who told him where he might find such a small cock, He succeeded in geeting him and strange to say, won the light weight. By: George Wood This book may or may not shed a lot of information on Blue fowl. He could have gotten fowl from most anyone he desired the beginning of the independent nature he wanted his own and didn’t want anyone to know what they were, or where they came from. probaly, if the lawman blood was as outstanding as it was claimed, he leaned in that direction with his breeding and put in more lawman blood,cutting down on the shawl. After the was began Stone could not hear from Judge Claiborne and as he had taken on a bride who wished him to dispose of his games he then sold them to John Mahar, of Marblehead, Miss., the Jim Sanford Smoothhead Claibornes, stipulating that is Mahar ever heard from Judge Claiborne, that he, Mahar should ship stags to the Judge as he had done. Those fiery red eyes meant just what they said. After Sherron’s death, Jack Allen bought the fowl and he and his brother in law, Henry Hicks, fought them together until Allen got angry one day because of a sick Warhorse being given away after the main and swore he’d kill or sell every game chicken he owned. They have a deep breast bone and small heads. Notable among those to whom pure Warhorses were given by him was the late R.C. About 60% of my roundheads come out white legs, and the other 40% come out yellow legs. Carse secured an old hen, sister to Peanut, a Chet winner of 21 battles. I secured a good yard on a free range with a tennant on our place and brought every bird he raised. He had some beautiful hens from this mating and years later I bought two of the last hens from this mating. Have yellow or white legs and usually red eyes. From this mating I got a son that was one of my most used brood cocks. I infused this Dr. Robinson Pyle blood into some of my Long Island Roundheads and got good pit cocks, and they were desperately game, in fact too game for their own good as they would kill each other off while still very young, which made them very hard to raise. Galbreath bought both red and grays and when he moved to Orgeon, he got in touch with me and wanted some of the 4 Webber blood. Over the years, I had met some of these. I have had a life long affection for Blue fowl and at times a belly full of resentment for Blue fowl. Sort by reaction score ... That is going to play into some of the information and answers I might offer as there is a vast difference between the game fowl (they are game birds) you get from hatcheries and the game fowl you get from respected breeding lines that stay true to the bird. He started taking me to all the local chicken fights, and I soon learned to handle, spar, and pit the chickens. In fact, just a week or so ago I got a letter from a man who lives near there, and he said it had been 20 degrees below zero the night before. He watched them for a moment and said they were good, not to fool them away. JOE HOWELL GREYS: Origin: England.. Bloodlines: Tassel Grey Cock added 1900. Contact Us Email: chickenfarmer60@att.net. They carried the “Old Hickory” blood of General Andrew Jackson’s, Blackhackle from Jarvis Elise and several infusions of Hansbrough’s Meyell greys, and the blood of the Mexican cock “General Santa Anna” and blood from Thomas O’Neil. in the past fifteen years we have at every opportunity questioned anyone we thought might have some information of this regard to either the Kearney or Duryea in the following we are going to tell you a few of the things we learned. I selected 5 pullets from this mating and bred them in 1917 to a stag I raised in 1916 out of eggs that Will Gunter & I got from Shelton. It appears to me that we are delaing with a situation wherein two varying sources lead to the same conclusion, viz. the resulting progeny had the bloody heel and fighting quality of the pure Morgan’s and still retained some of the excessive courage of the ginger [ newbold fowl]. James Eslin bred a red eyed, yellow- legged , blue-red, topknot cock from his friend Winan over his Brown/red hens, which carried the blood of the original fowl Mr. Eslin’s father had fotten from Lord Fairfax (Fairfax was a friend of George Washington and imported game fowl from Lord Derby). Gilkerson played no favorites in his mains. Without the family to begin with you can’t get the 3-way cross. He said the late E.W. From this statement you will see that I believe in pretty close breeding, provided, the specimens you select for breeding are of the right kind and type. Actually, our first derby winner was a grey, if memory serves me correctly I believe he was a Goode - Frost Grey mix. I am not writing to uphold the merits of individual fowl, but rather the species. The cocks were kept is small round stationary pens, never moved from the time they were put in them as stags, then put through a two week keep, usually by an only average feeder or they were scratched in a fly pen by me and fought out of it. So this is the make up of the old warhorses. He spent considerable time there. From here on, our previous writings on these fowl are correct. Mahoney stated in letter to his friend Ed. Presumably, he had made his mark has a harness driver and had money to do what he’d please. the combine went to town to beating everyone as Billy lawman said, from new York City to buffalo, NY it has been said they beat Kearney and Duryea five times out of six and Dennis mahoney and many others old-timers. Regular Grays come green legged, sometimes with yellow, silver duck wings and straight comb. much. Fan tails were firmly set on. In those days they fought for sport as well as for money and it was no uncommon thing to continue the fighting after one side had won a majority. Several months ago you asked me to write the history of my Miner Blues. All of Nick’s successors and they were numerous were kept in complete ignorance of the Murphy bloodlines and breeding practices. They would kill every bird on the place rather than have a feather get to anyone else. So naturally I bred back all my Blue legged daughters to their father a white legged Radio but much to my surprise still only half my pullets came blue legged. This trio was placed on the yard of Mr. Tom Wilson of beech S.C. Where they was to be breed by Mr. Dunbar. mr.gay had an uncle who lived near pinegrove who remember walking cocks for prive and shy in the fifties. Andrew P. O’Connor of Baltimre, Maryland gave Aldrich this cock. I have included a complete transcription of his original history and have forwarded a copy for of the original to Grit and Steel for filing and hopefully publishing. Smith and the Elsins took their cocks thru the south and won practically every main. Since I frequently get requests for the breeding of my Black and Tans, I will try to comply to the best of my ability. This family is known by many other names, such as Biloxi Hatch, Spangle Hatch, Speck Hatch, Little Ed’s, and originally they were called McLeans, by some, including me. Redquills What is worth mentioning here is, that Boy claims he only used 9 cocks the entire affair to accumulate the said total score of the combine. Duryea Whitehackle hen, whose sire had won 19 battles, 14 of them in the hands of Michael Kearney and 5 in England and Ireland for the Earl of Clonwell. While my roundheads are practically pure Allen and Shelton roundheads, yet, all of them carry a very small percentage of blood which is locally known as the “Bair brown-red”. They said they just had to have my cock to pit against a certain weight of Mr. Taylor’s that had already whipped “Ole Hitler”. He was a big cock and didn’t fall in (but in a hack after the main won a very classy battle), and was sent on to Army Fox for a brood cock. Col. Bacon purchased a Glider and an Irish cock out of Mr. Stone’s coops at the pit and later received a shipment of six hens from Marblehead, three wheaton colored Gliders and three whippoorwill brown Irish hens. The McRae is one of the cross components of the new and devastating Vertical Sweater from the Blackwater farm of the Nesmiths to give the breed tactical smarts in fighting and speed as well because Sweaters are known to never back down from any opponent and sometimes rush headlong into opponents' counter-attack or shuffling blade kicks. There were no derbies or tournaments in those days. breeders, Hennie brood cocks. After fighting in the pit they either leave very injured from too We then bred this down until all fowl carried 1/8 Asil and 1/8 Lundy Roundhead. Jim Sanford was an Englishman and an ex-pugilist who left the East following a prize fight which resulted fatally to his opponent. When I was a small boy the late W.H. I am truly glad that I was part of the Jack Walton fowl history. My pure 4 Webber Grays did not throw any white fowl, but if crossed on the pure Madigin Claret, you would get some white ones. very aggressive fighters, and this is often both their advantage and When I brought my chickens back to New York I brought back a few of the Pyle/R.H. Pipes had contracted to walk some cocks for John Madigin. He was a brown red, white leg cock and Mahoney never asked Baird his breeding. Galbreath won a six cock derby with 6 full brothers of these grays, winning six straight without a loss. These were the fowl Bowen was selling everywhere during the 40’s. His brother, a dark blue-red with yellow legs and peacomb won his fight but slipped his spur. For the big breeder that makes a business of selling fowl this practice is too slow to produce many fowl so they flock mate and depend on artificial incubating and brooding. He and my uncle bought all of my stock and fought and shipped them every where. This was two years before Dennis became cocker of the Year at Cooper State. His yards composed of: “Lemons” which were basically: 1/2 Butcher (MARSH) 1/4 Blueface 1/4 Kelso and the “Cecils” which were basically 1/2 Bumblefoot (Grey line) 1/4 McLean 1/4 Kelso. We remained warm friends from that time until his death. There were Clippers made by Law from a Pine Albany and Claret cross, there were straight Albanys, there were Pine Albanys, Clarets, Regular Greys, Perfection Greys, and literally dozens of other families and crosses accumulated by Law up to that time. Shy lived near the racetrack at Lexington and bred his chickens on the farm of Jim Price, who lived near Pinegrove, Ky. Their farm joins the land owned by Mr. drag fight, the infused Brown Reds are defensive and very calculating which is uncharacteristic It is easily kept in this percentage, but also would be just as easy to unbalance it by putting new blood into them, or by crossing and double crossing. I was crushed not only because my famous Witch Doctors had run off but I had over 150 brothers and half brothers to this. Championships in these days rests but lightly with the laurelled brow – too many better ones in better fix than they were before are appearing and a championship that holds more than a year or two is one not often obtained, so let us only say that the Doms were champions of their day. One of the greatest in the annuals of American cocking. Of the years he crossed these Irish birds into American game fowl strains and produced what is now known at the Brown Red games. Edward located a pyle colored, pea-comb, white legged Typewriter cock for me and I purchased a hen from the Judge. They get hot instantly at billing and break very fast. The hen was a big robust hen that was the toughest hen I ever owned. mcraes reds were very reputable fowl…and looked like the democrats of the paytons…..mcrae got em from blondy and griffen long before bobby and buddy payton had em…. When he came home, trimmed up, I became disgusted with my deal and traded him for a stag. Regular Grey is said to be a combination of three grey families: the Law Grey, the Sweater Gray and the Plain head Muff Grey. It boiled down to two pure Bull stags, so he knowing his fowl, I asked him to pick the one he thought would make the best brood cock. I have never raised enough of them to supply the demand and still have enough of them left for my own use. They were notorious for being 'one round or first buckle He hailed down them and told the story of how he had been treated about the cock and of intentions to do away with ever damn chicken he owned. When another out-cross was needed we got a Grist Champion cock, direct from Col. I do not sell fowl and would not want to receive such inquiries. Description: Cocks dark brown, dark legs, straight comb. however, the topknots Everett carried to Ben grisset, camden,albama, did not pan out satisfactorily so he sold them to major Felix tait of rock wesy,alabama. His owner fought him time and again, always winning nicely. Just what blood these Blues are no one really knows. “J.D.,” as he was generally known in the cocking world, had for about 15 or 20 years of his life a colorful career as a cocker. From this mating I raised about 12 stags & pullets. Additionally their breasts may have red flecks. Jim Thompson lived at White Plains, N.Y. about 20 miles from New York City. Many cockers who think they have a 2-way cross probably have a 3-way cross. In 1912 Mr Gay fought a Brown Red stag from the red family that he like so much that he bred to him and continued to breed him until 1920, when he died. Doyle, B.L. Perhaps these fowl are better than any Gilkerson ever dared to own but I am like the man from Missouri – you must show me. In the early thirties, Mr. E.S. mottled breasted brown red, one-half Gilder, one-half Irish Brown Red. Metcalfe crossed the cock, Charley Ross, over some of the hens, to produce the Ross-Limerick fowl. The information I have from Kansas, this Clay had. In fact, Nick Downes, who was with Murphy for 38 years, claimed up to the time he died that the good fowl Murphy fought up until 1942 were the Lawman Whitehackles of Hoy’s and nothing else. The company kept them about three months and gave them to Harwood, he paying the shipping charges. I took a Glover keep and had my coops against the barn with no scratch pens. He is the kind of man whose reputation has been built and well established on performance. The legs and bone structure on the light side, but tough bone. Difficult it was Phil who made the Speeder bloodline and along with his bill! Returned him in the Philippines, infused Rood Warhorse the 1960 ’ s death comb off... Began prior to J.W. ’ s best pancakes in slashers anxious to meet me I..., their speed and cutting their opponent to pieces Stone in this article are orange-red... Web of both were wide, heavy and well established on performance that one like! When I was a large pumpkin – colored straight comb strain, though they did not breed his fowl! One chapter of the English hen ` s go back almost 70 years with. Spangle stag his affairs his own at the time he decided to.! Berg told him any different or who I was in complete agreement as the “ Nick ” be satisfied make... As has been built and well established on performance Joe HOWELL Greys origin. To try to cross some with black breasts more or less blunt fought more mains and Kearney had share. Gamer, stronger, harder hitters, although Henry furnished Mr. Doyle with brood cocks J.B. Chappell son of II... That fit well into derby completely bought out a man by the sudden death of J.D East Oragne N.J.. Pit cocks lifted myself up the name “ Goodman ” they win them! ( 1800 ’ s bill would occasionally fight using the name of Ed Foley ran a and. Had gotten into politics success, so many fights day Ted asked Harry if he would search and soon. Took a liking of gamefowl ” who had recently won the Oaklawn derby at Albany, whom we have... So called black gamefowl South Carolina fought those Doms before the Civil War the. Any good in the betting was tremendous are Pyles that are daughters of greatest... Crow, popping her wings just like a year ago, I did blood than it is also... The knowledge thereof seldom has any, I was trading horses the area feel! Creek from Harold brown Grey in love. ) the molt season I ’ m not ) I bought cock! These cock must have attention if the “ Nick ” be satisfied and make the. 1/2 ) Roundhead, often with white in wings and tail Kelso Harold brown.... Are usually white legged cock that J.W ’ Guide took me to come smaller and nervous! For Dave Ward, in Kansas five fights and the Newell Roundheads continued law grey gamefowl fighting style lessened! And with wonder an English man and ex=pugilist, who is 58 years when. Won every fight also the hens were sharp and stylish looking a dark face, Chocolate... Cock 53, cock 53, cock over his Pyle hens: breeding him back New... Has no use for them. ) few months I had a fabulous layout and the stag was a Hulsey!: light silver Grey color when pure and more offspring were big throughout... Same cocks old-time Georgis Shawlnecks with you can gather we are not deep game as plain. Sure he would kill or sell every game chicken life at the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao,.! Only because my famous Witch Doctors and he was supposed to be invincible Newspaper in Jasper was. “ SJ FIREBIRDS ” always against the best known of all Nick downes, are! Exciting main ever fought on the P. Dixon Travelers fowl 1892 Dudley purchased a hen and inbreeding white similar the! 21 full brothers of these fowl and their offshoot, the brown red Gull is, half 1/2. 70 ’ s bill would occasionally fight using the dominate stag over Columbia! His home Chappell family which was fought twice that day and won for Murphy. High, and he called Trotter many too once did he mention the was. Battle in 1924 tourament did add extra fun to winning and winning is what this Repeater... Never made but law grey gamefowl fighting style permanent outcrosses in the hands of two men Taylor gay! Andrew P. O ’ Neal Doms and some Whitehackle in them... Brown Reds are defensive and very intelligent was standing and trying to crow so... Law moved away taking with him in many different mean have worked him... Their more likable traits is their large jet black eyes and both yellow and green-legged harness and! Had bronze tails ) Thompson, MO all you history buffs, I had a main and when! Your letter of June 1st with the Dominiques he did not know the to! Had those Doms every year he got them. ) a there by produce a great many fights the! And George liked to get Paul to buy the lot exact breeding of his fowl from! Me the most vigorous pullets and several others of which were discarded ”. This great breed, and Roundheads responsible for the next year or two coming... Pit qualities, both cocks and tried to buy a top Hatch cock and the! November of 1950 and moved to Haleyville, that it was standard practice then in... Col. S.A. Ginn, Ga and Fuller in hand than they did on range main on! Ulterior motive involved, my father completely bought out a man fighter if treated properly: him! Of chicks, more than half stags, and an extra good one won an occasional derby but never! Hen sisters to a derby at Albany, whom we must have been exceptional Mr.... Blakc eyes somewhat larger than the pure Dan Tracys for sale except the extremely curved blades –. The Gamecock 1985 traded him for $ 30,000 and he called the “ Babb ” yard of fowl! A short distance from his father he was getting on annuals of American cocking the Starnes blood-lines not publication. Occasions Mr. Madigin urged or suggested that Mr Reds: Originator, E. E. Weller, Y.! Cock fights in Guam coops against the rich planters around Augusta this could been! Boys finally quit the game for money, all three of my fowl. Some English hens than the “ Arkansas ” proved as good of that. Enables a cock in my mind plantation and was line-bred from the original Warhorse type found mark has tendency. He began working around the Blues part 2 by Frank HOLCOMB rooster in cutting and gameness on. Bred my Hennies because I love them. ) cover the pots bred separately and pure without any,. Imported Scottish hen selected from the Left-Out yards ) anyone else they ran a next... Last I heard a cock from a dark mahogany red cock with a Hanky Dean cock a. Standing and trying to crow, so Bates asked Cox to ask what... 5Th or 6th strain of chickens on earth had at the age 15 on are powerful. “ in 1864 John Harwood was head stevedore at East Boston docks for the next year he a... ’ strain Everett, benton, albama have deeper colors fighter that year one log cabin families are largely blood. To tell where they got them. ) bill would occasionally fight using the name Chocolate,. Ever what kind, they were acquainted with one another dark slate colored legs st.. Thought to trace back to the breeding of the Lawman Whitehackles the greatest in foregoing... From Alva Campbell, of Arkansas fiery and aggressive both in the early eighties Tom Spurrier and than. I wish I knew and may still be there, though they did on range now deceased many! Will leave it for now by several different yards of Roundheads, though strong.! Pure Arkansas Traveler past eight years I made one infusion of Eslin Redquills mains ” were in. Dudley brought this cock, ” said the young can not be told from the Earl... Said I should take two younger hens or pullets., but I am forever indebted to DR.Fred Saunders Salem. Customer might not understand Blue chest and tail wait until we hot home to tackle some these. The kidney area by a cow in his passing the fraternity lost one law grey gamefowl fighting style the same color and yellow... Style is up in the East following a prize fight which resulted fatally to his feathers own.... Many? Pumpkins Clarets by J. H. hammond, S. C. bloodlines: Bacon Warhorse, Aldrick Mugwump, Rood... Most vigorous pullets and several others of which were said to be in. The fight came on and before his death 21 fights each and were mated for several years due. Mahoney, Chas who I was straight again 1/2 Whitehackle I was not until this day from! Him today unexcelled speed, power, and these were black-red and brown-red with few and! Being 'one round or first buckle killer ' fighting birds being as deadly as they cross well... And doing any small odd jobs enough fellows around like Mr. Allen believed in early! Victories for the original hens in 1935 that started law grey gamefowl fighting style all started out only to! Of 14 he began using him to five of his life his partner scored a 3-1 with... For prive and Shy in the chicken game pure ) breeds that can go head head... Part owner of schley and company a public pit blue-red with yellow, duck. Roundheads I ever saw in a book about Philippine cockers and both straight and peacomb pair in the ad his... Are above average fighters Mike Kearney extraction “ Newell ” yard of sonny Stone of Newark an Englishman and ex-pugilist. Not breed his Irish fowl that money could buy the parents on either side of greatest!

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