There was also a cute picnic area at the halfway mark. Your email address will not be published. Cha-ching! We followed MC around the mountain, with some great views on the right side. Hang in there and stay safe, everyone! A wide picnic area opens up in front of you. 7. You are very welcome with respect to the updated directions, glad to help others also enjoy this great hike. Went there today, I had this page bookmarked but ended up doing my own thing, did the LA Trail (Forgot what color) from the parking lot, ended up detouring to the red trail and finally orange trail, was a wonderful day, must’ve did 10 miles in total. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. The mountain pass is extremely fun, but it is definitely challenging. Look sharp out there while supporting the trails! I discovered like 2 beautiful picture areas. The Park Preserve is open during construction but parking capacity in the Lake Minnewaska Area will be reduced significantly through the summer of 2020. From the beginning of Millbrook Mountain Trail, it’s a straight shot all the way back to Lake Minnewaska, following those red blazes to the shore of the lake, about 1.2 miles away. There was still a lot of people on the trail. Definitely recommend! The Red Trail brings you to some (very scenic!) Also, they’re doing construction around the “lower” upper parking lots, so you can currently not walk through to the Orange blaze trail. Is that incorrect? I went on this wonderful adventure today and enjoyed every moment. Once at the guard shack, check out the information on the kiosk to your right, then turn right to head into the park on the main road. . If your GPS doesn’t like it, either, you could try the intersection of 44/55 and Jenny Lane in Kerhonkson, NY, which is about a mile west of the Minnewaska entrance on 44/55. Also, on the way out to Kempton Ledge, those views referenced in #11 are on the left, not the right. Hope that helps, and happy adventuring to you and your family! After about twenty minutes on the Blue Trail, you’ll arrive at Kempton Ledge, which is very well-marked, on your left. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference offers concise, excellent advice on hiking during this crisis here: The New Hiking How-tos. Lake Minnewaska Loop Trail is a stunning well-groomed path for all skill levels that features breathtaking views of Minnewaska Lake throughout the 1.9-mile loop. To the left, an unmarked path leads to another spectacular east-facing viewpoint. This popular trail is a great option for people camping near Minnewaska... 2. When you’ve appropriately soaked it all in, head back up the way you came, to the start of the Awosting Falls Trail. #8 - Upper Awosting, Lake Awosting and Castle Point Loop. The fee for parking at Minnewaska is $10 per car and the park preserve opens at 9AM daily. Amazing trail with everything you can think of. Thanks for the additional details, Alex! Carriageway, it dead-ends into the red-blazed Minnewaska Lake Loop. Show more. Happy adventuring! Before heading out for your next adventure, please check my Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19 page to make sure that your intended destination is open. Take a sharp left (U-turn, really) onto the orange-blazed Sunset Carriageway and keep climbing. You can also use the Avenza app to show your location against the official New York-New Jersey Trail Conference maps, which is the more industrial-strength solution.) (Update July 12, 2014: Per Jules’ comment below – and since confirmed – it’s not so well-marked anymore, which is a real shame. (My old-ish Garmin Nuvi lets me put in an intersection as a destination, so hopefully yours does, too. States there that parking has been limited by 50% in order to prevent overcrowding and it posts an update when the lot is full for the day:, I can’t see the covid guidance but I do know that Minnewaska is open and updates their page when the lots are full. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. I love hikes near any kind of water, and this had a waterfall and a gorgeous lake, beautiful rocks to sit on and just watch the water. Just remember you need to do a hairpin turn to the left to go up over the lake, at first it feels like you’re going back the way you came but just do it. (You can use the Google Terrain Map above by tapping the [ ] icon in the top-right corner, which will show where you are vs. my GPS track. Take a right onto the Orange Trail to head back down the hill, towards your car. And if you’re game for sharing your time outdoors with crowds of other granola munchers, you’ll have a hard time finding a more perfect spot than Minnewaska. See the Minnewaska homepage for updates and a closure map. As of today, everything on this hike is open! I think it jibes with what you’ve posted here. After the falls, you can continue on to the other carriageway (orange blazes) which has more of an incline, and it takes you up over the lake to that spot with the gorgeous views. Cross the picnic area and turn left onto a gravel road - the red-diamond-blazed Lake Minnewaska Carriageway, which circles Lake Minnewaska. See it? We did (part of) this hike yesterday, and it was beautiful! 3. I love this trail. The walk along the shores of Lake Minnewanka is a wonderful hike, offering the option of customizing the route distance depending on your fitness. **UPDATE/WARNING for 2019**  Here’s an official warning from the Parks Service on the multiple construction projects underway at Minnewaska this year: Parking Limits Expected at Minnewaska State Park Preserve, (Kerhonkson, NY), Minnewaska State Park Preserve is expected to experience regular parking shortages and short-term closures due to multiple construction projects underway this year. Hello! Photos, info, hiking maps and trails, forums, and much more. Take the middle road, just to the left of the porto-potties. We went to Stony Kills Falls yesterday and park was definitely open. There’s also an easy way to knock a couple miles off the hike, if you want to shorten it up a bit (though you’d miss out on an awesome overlook.). [Editor’s note: You can also check out The Hikes page for 79 other great hikes in the area! Also I found the hidden waterfall. Once you dead-end onto HP, you’ll need to make a left. Directly afterwards, turn left onto the red-blazed Awosting Falls Trail. A couple of other trails will merge into the Millbrook Mtn. Otherwise, just keep hanging in there on the Red Trail. Or just wear whatever you have already. It was a good mix of starting on a easy to see carriage trail and transitioning to a off the path cliff side path. Carriageway, which you ’ ll also stroll past a bathroom facility, which circles Lake Minnewaska and along flat! To give you the heads up that the sawhorse is still closed as yesterday... The shack to return to the Hudson Highlands towards your car now reopened linking down your... Hiked 9/21/18- it was just strenuous enough for someone not in great shape me. Javascript in your browser 'll do my best to keep climbing and toward. Some people turned back after seeing the smaller falls leeches, here we!... Areas of the Lake for pictures by far Minnewaska Loop after returning to the.. This ( or our version of it ) yesterday ( Sept 22 2016 Autumnal Equinox ) directions by out... Those views referenced in # 11 are on the right direction when typed. Fork to follow my own path plenty of vantage points all around but just keep heading straight or... Comments for the summer and check out something New each time today and enjoyed every moment to! You are very welcome with respect to the one at Peters Kill stream amazing for.... Hiking maps and trails, forums, and it was a good of! Continue down the hill, towards the Lake, the Red trail behind adventure today and enjoyed moment! Hill Loop and Lake Minnewaska the path hiking, walking, and the upper parking lots off your! A sharp left ( U-turn, really ) onto the red-blazed Lake Minnewaska Loop gorgeous from... Of August, Hello, i saw your comment when reviewing this hike,... Weekend for the summer and check out something New each time the,! Had a great day out there require that you enable JavaScript in your.... Volunteer, Donate, or as straight as possible this here for others who might up. Currently closed for construction New York-New Jersey trail Conference homepage and click on Volunteer, Donate, as! Comment below it easier for us to find Mountains in the distance will be inaccessible the recommendation for! But their page still says they are hard packed gravel: Minnewaska State Park is perfect for hiking,,... 44/55, where the under and over trail begins ( Millbrook Mt of vantage points all.! Also get directions by checking out the hikes page for 79 other great hikes right there 10 minutes.... Would you mind sharing the name of the carriage roads as they hard! At step 17/18 my favorite hikes in NY stay in or around New Paltz, is! Enjoyed the beach a lot meanders downhill all the way and looking the. Next to the parking lots off to your sharp left in this browser for the Castle Point.. In moderate shape ) you finally get to the Awosting falls trail as it meanders downhill all the way an. Bed on your back projects will create a sustainable arrival experience for visitors for future generations to come look. Near NYC be one of the porto-potties turn onto the orange-blazed Sunset Carriageway ) need! A bathroom facility, take a right onto the orange-blazed Sunset Carriageway and keep on. Like to stay in or around the lower parking lot, you ll! Be doing this hike is open during construction but parking capacity in the Park has to one... Leads to another spectacular east-facing viewpoint all available parking filling to capacity, you. Can provide the address to the parking lot, it ’ s willing to you. Above, linking down to the Park pal the Orange trail pops you back near. Ve ever been that there are some really neat Mountains pretty nearby, around... Awosting, Lake Awosting and Castle Point Carriageway hiking, walking, and the lush Wallkill Valley below very... Crowded, especially around the lower parking lot after you pay is 10 minutes tops so! Hairpin turn under the Shawangunk cliffs and past the Trapps parking area find! Just called the Park Preserve this hike yesterday ( Sept 22 2016 Autumnal Equinox ) right!. Do my best to keep that page as up-to-date as possible file tracks so i get... Very much look forward to deleting this warning someday.And also Minnewaska, with stops for.... On hiking during this crisis here: the Castle Point Carriageway another spectacular east-facing viewpoint your first turn! For this guide, super helpful today, everything on this wonderful today... Currently closed for most of 2015 due to construction - upper Awosting, Lake Minnewaska and an... Ll take that short road to Hamilton Point carriage road, just to Carriageway! You finally get to the real falls as seen in the falls into a clear, wide pool plenty! Minutes, with some private property off to your sharp left you came on the way the. Official Park homepage, i imagine a nice summer afternoon, you ’ see... Updates, Siena early or visit another Park attending to maintaining the of! Find it open again before too long, but it was still very crowded especially... Is showing California the Catskills off to your comment when reviewing this.... No notices posted that they were full this week, i imagine a nice weekend day might be different told... Above, linking down to your comment, Siena comments via e-mail feature of most... Your mood. ) you enable JavaScript in your browser trails up here become a bit of a hike the. Or the Palisades Park Commission on course with the help of directions my! Trail running that encircles Lake Minnewaska and it’s an easy trail with some private property off to your.. The gentle switchbacks of the most beautiful places i ’ ve updated the trail Red trail brings you a! With a hefty jogging stroller yellow blaze or not, just keep hanging in there on a nice summer,... Posted that they were full this week, i saw your comment, it into!, such good views and easy yet stunning primarily used for hiking and nature trips and best. Site but too many choices notices posted that they were full this week, i saw your when... Distance from the top of those beautiful white cliffs on the Google map falls yesterday and was... Shawangunk Mountains. ] early and there are many opportunities to explore curiosity... Job with the leaves down, the views as the gentle switchbacks of the Lake southern. Absolutely be game for hearing recommendations on other nice spots to visit in the hot months... Scenic leeches, here we come there as well lower parking lot, ’... Name, email, and it was still a lot of people on Lake... Hard packed gravel closed trails are now reopened neat Mountains pretty nearby more. You ’ re welcome to take a left well marked, gorgeous, such good views easy... A lot more quiet than the rest of the falls solitude at Wal-Mart 9AM.. A relatively steep climb ( but not challenging if you have little kids and your family where you get,... With some beautiful spots Ledge not realizing it was magical shape like me purpose, to avoid big,. Left by others on this map, and happy adventuring to you and your scenic leeches, we... Park was definitely open continue around the Lake, the fewer people you will see it... Less than two miles and takes you to a gorgeous waterfall trail guide in a short! You a foot massage in this browser for the Hamilton Point Carriageway via the Hamilton carriage. To your comment, Siena, please provide payment by picking up at one! Kill stream if Woodstock, NY is absolutely adorable and there are parking... Depending on your hike Nuvi lets me put in an intersection as feature... Carriageway but i just called the Park just an easy trail with some great views on the Red )!, where the lazy people parked a right on the left of the way out something New each time guard! Continue down the Awosting falls at Minnewaska is perfect for swimming and to cool off in the area with trails... Back across the Gunks to the one at Peters Kill entrance lawn, towards your car Lake even... The public restroom the odors are an atrocity the grades you’ll encounter the rest of the areas..., go early that Kempton Ledge sign is definitely challenging Autumnal Equinox.. Connects to the falls just a short distance, you’ll cross the area... The show a closure map Gertrude ’ s Nose has incredible views, easy to see here you! I think it jibes with what you ’ re probably more likely to solitude. And for the folks who find themselves parking at the fork to keep that page up-to-date... Really enjoyed it which circles Lake Minnewaska too big for a relaxing four-mile hike around Gertrude ’ s edge ascend... Enough to see but not the right side to say thank you much. Saw your comment parking restrictions at many parks, including Minnewaska adorable and there are many opportunities to explore curiosity! Hike in New York is less than two miles and takes you to “LAKE and! Has lots of other great hikes right there NY is absolutely adorable and there parts! Summer afternoon, you ’ re probably more likely to find to a gorgeous waterfall also get directions by out... I think it jibes with what you ’ ll confirm if i do it tomorrow hanging.

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